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Halstead 21st Century Group

We are very excited to work in collaboration with some very enthusiastic young folk from Braintree who have been very busy designing some amazing posters to raise awareness of the at risk shelters in the heart of Halstead. Head of year three, Jane Walker explains...

"The children in year 3 at Great Bradfords Junior School spent last term studying World War Two, focusing on the Blitz, air raid shelters and evacuees. They loved making Anderson shelters as part of a design technology project and they have thoroughly enjoyed learning how this part of our history had an impact on our local area, particularly the building of 16 shelters to protect the factory workers in Halstead. Instantly, they wanted to save this fantastic piece of history, as well as wanting to protect this very precious green space in the middle of the town. Therefore, as part of our art project, they designed these wonderful posters to raise awareness."

The posters are presently available to view for a couple of weeks in a pop up gallery along Factory Terrace - a few have been chosen to be displayed in Halstead shops, and some on these pages. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, they reveal such talent!  We are confident this is just the start of more good things to come.