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Halstead 21st Century Group

Halstead's Built Heritage

An interactive map shows the extent of Halstead’s conservation area and listed buildings. Conservation Areas are areas recognised for their architectural or historic interest. Halstead’s was designated in 1969 and includes many heritage assets. 

Designated heritage assets, such as listed buildings or scheduled monuments, have national recognition and are afforded a high degree of protection. As our only Grade I listed building, St Andrew’s Church is considered to have the highest national significance while Trinity House, Trinity Church and Whisper’s Wine Bar, which occupies a 15th century Chantry, are all Grade II* listed. The remaining designated buildings are very varied, ranging from three 18th century tombs in St Andrew’s churchyard to public houses, the Royal British Legion clubhouse and barns.

Halstead 21st Century Group and Halstead & District Local History Society are currently working on a list of all of Halstead's listed buildings. This is very much a work in progress and we would welcome any images or information you might have to add to the next version.

There are many other structures that have local significance, but are not designated. Braintree District Council (BDC) launched the Local Heritage List in 2014 in order to ensure that the importance of these buildings was recognised. In 2021, the vast majority of the Courtauld built estate has been added, which includes Halstead’s 16 WW2 air raid shelters and the former boiler house. We consider many other buildings to have local significance and members of both groups contributed to Braintree District's Local Heritage List assessment panel which was overseen by a Conservation Officer. Unfortunately, no work on the Local Heritage List has been carried out since the end of 2017.

Locally listed buildings don’t have the same level of protection, but their significance to communities should be taken into account when planning consent is being considered. 

In November 2021, Halstead 21st Century Group and Halstead & District Local History Society produced a heritage trail leaflet for Halstead. It is the first to be published for many years and the current version is considered to be something of a pilot. Printed in relatively small numbers, it's something that we will refine and build on in response to feedback from its users. It currently has a main map of sites and supplementary information.  Its aim is to introduce visitors and local people to Halstead's built heritage and entice them to discover more. 

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